Bayugan city center Photo by: Greenhiss/CC

The name “Bayugan” is a Manobo term for pathway, since then the natives called the place, Bayugan. Another version states that “bayug” trees grew abundantly in this place. It was also believed that the natives used to make this place their meeting spot and that the means of gathering the inhabitants was by knocking on a hollow piece of wood which they termed as the “bayug.” (Article from wikipedia verbatim)


Pinagalaan Falls Photo by: Greenhiss/CC

Among the most prominent landmarks in Bayugan are the Bayugan Rotunda (the widest circular park in Mindanao); Rizal Park Plaza (the largest park in Agusan del Sur); the Narra Avenue (the widest road in Agusan del Sur serving as the city’s main road. When it comes to natural wonders, the city also boasts of the Bayug (Hamogaway) Falls in Brgy Hamogaway, which is a major tourist attraction, and the Pinagalaan Falls, which is the biggest and tallest falls in the city. Other places of interest include the Wawa Bridge, Green Haven Adventure Park, Mangrove Base Park, Graceland Cold Spring, Magkiangkang Cave, New Loon Cave, Putting Bato Cave, Vising/Sisimon Cave, San Agustin Lake, Katipunan Lake and the San Lorenzo Ruiz Diocesan Shrine.


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The province of Agusan del Sur is located southeast of the Philippines, around 850 kilometers away from Manila, the country’s capital. Its total land area is 896,550 hectares, making the province the fourth largest in the Mindanao region. The land has an elongated basin formation with mountain ranges and swamps and lakes. Its climate is classified Type II, which means there is no dry season with pronounced rainy period between October to January. This is why it is known for its thriving agricultural sector, producing 46% of the CARAGA region’s rice and 96% of its corn. Agusan del Sur’s population in 2008 was 617,854, ranking 43rd out of 81.


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located at Prosperidad Agusan del Sur


Located at Bayugan City Rotunada also known to Bayuganon as ” Circle ” this is were students and etc, stroll.


Bayugan City Gymnasium located at Poblacion Bayugan City.