We live on Earth a water planet, with a precious layer of water most of it is Ocean water with 97% and 3% remaining of freshwater from glaciers, groundwater, and permafrost. Look in the mirror what you see is about 60% water, most of it inside your cells. Amazing isn’t it? Water is the only chemical that can form as solid, liquid, and gas. We could survive for several weeks without food, but for only a few days without water. Water also plays a key role in sculpting the Earths climate and removing and diluting some of the pollutants and waste that we produce. (Earth Science Learners Material)

Our lives depends on water, for my own view I think water is not a renewable resources I may wrong or I maybe right but I don,t think water is producing more and more water it comes naturally and recycling or reusing contaminated water to a clean water maybe it can by Hydrologic cycle but I don’t think it covers all and can turn it to clean and safe water. Water is the most unique chemical of all we must conserve and take full responsibility of using it.