Understanding our relationship with the environment can also be refer to the human beings with ecology and nature As what as Modern thinkers Herbert Macuse said ” Humanity had dominated nature , there can only be change if we will change our attitude towards our perception of the environment” and George Herbert Mead ” As human beings , we do not only have rights but duties”    

 Those words come into me by the shed of “awakening”  it awakens me that we use nature as atool of our living , necessity and desire , we are dependent to nature but yet we end up wracking it . When we are bombarded with disaster we blame nature and who/whatsoever things we can put blame to. Reality brings karma that what we did will come back to us and maybe twice . We should blame ourselves!  we the one coin the firs move. 

We are all organisms living in the same planet we should respect each living in it. As a student a woman who are one of the future of tomorrow articulately typing my blitz as remnant that lets try to make a change, LETS CHANGE so be the world OUR  MOTHER NATURE will regain its strength.   

 The present will be the future 

The future will be the past 

And the past will be the present~